Marilyn Cass passed away

With sorrow and joy I want to convey the information on the passing of our dear sister and faithful servant of God Marilyn Fay Cass.


Rev. Marilyn Fay Cass
Born: 12/23/1933
Passed: 4/13/2020
87 years old
Graduate of Moody Bible Institute
MBI Class of 1959

In the last years of her life, right up till her death, she worked as an ordained chaplain with Hiding Place Ministries at various locations. She last fellowship with Keene Church of the Nazarene, Keene NH with pastor John F. Reilly. Her burial was May 13, 2020, at Pleasant View Cemetery in Springfield, NH her hometown. Over the years she was an active member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR).

We will surely miss her.

Hiding Place Ministry,

HPM Directors

One thought on “Marilyn Cass passed away”

  1. She was one of the of the Pastors of Hidng Place Minsitry. She was a great worker, spreading the Gospel as a Chaplin at multiple Hospitals in her area.

    We will miss you, but we also rejoice because we know where she at. Along side of Jesus Christ.

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