This is an update on Wayne's medical condition

first he has a a spot on his kidney that the doctors thinks is 80% cancerous you going to be seeing the doctor again in November to see about having surgery done to remove the spot

Second he has a blood clot in his right groin area they're keeping an eye on it to see if it grows or not, or whether it shrinks, if it shrinks then the leave it alone, not they'll have to go in and remove it

Third he's had to have to go to a vascular doctor about the four strokes that showed up on an MRI we don't know the status of that as of yet seeing the doctor on the 22nd of this month

Please remember him in your prayers and any encouragement would be greatly appreciated

Did have an infection at the procedure entry point.  He has been sent home with a pic-line for the antibiotic. He is doing well under the care of his wife Pastor Kathy.

Continue to pray for his healing. Pastors Wayne and Kathy have been doing the work of the Lord for over 40 years. They will continue to do so as long as they can. 

Like everyone else they need encouragement. So please send encouragement their way!

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