Prophetic dream

A few weeks ago a dream was given to me twice.  When I receive a dream, I wait for a second identical dream to make sure it is from God.  All parts of the dream have to be identical even the feelings behind the dream. This dream is for the family of God.

The dream:

There is a long narrow road leading off into the distance.  At the end of the road is a dark storm approaching.  The wind continues to grow stronger as the dream continues.

Along each side of the road are heavy-set women.  They often cross into the middle of the road to help or hug each other.  As the wind picks up strength, the women are finding it hard to help one another.  Eventually, the storm becomes so strong that the women return to their side of the road and squat down into the fetal position and are much thinner.  They hold tight to their legs as they hold their position along the road.  The wind is strong, but the darkness does not envelope them.  Although they are much thinner in stature, they hold their position.

I believe the Church is the woman!  Right now the church prospers, but with heavy winds of the storm trying to come upon u,s we have to stay strong and hold our position along our path of faith! Although the darkness threatens us, it will not overtake us because we stand our ground.