Next Step


Now that you have experienced Salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ there are a few more things you need to do.

You can go to our Recourse page and look for our Bible Study on Water Baptism once you have complete it, you will need to look for a local church and go to the Pastor there and tell them you are saved and have just completed a Bible Study course on Water Baptism and would like for them to Baptize you.

  • Water Baptism


After that, start on our Discipleship Training course under Resources were you will learn about Faith, Grace and much more.

  • Discipleship Training 1
  • Discipleship Training 2
  • Discipleship Training 3


Now that you have completed the Discipleship Training, now is the time to start looking for a local church to be in community with.  It may be the church that baptize you or some other church, but find one.


From here go to our Resource page and go to Evangelist Tools and learn how to write your testimony, Winning the lost at any cost, sharing Life-Codes and start sharing the good news with everyone around you.

  • How to write a 3 minute testimony
  • Jesus Film Project
  • Life-Codes
  • Winning the lost at any cost

Congratulations for completing our Next Step program.  We hope that God will bless you and keep you as you go out into the world and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world.


Drop us an email message stating you have completed the Next Step Program to Pastor Wayne Thorn