Burning dead wood

As I look over the property making plans for improvements, I see several things that have to be accomplished before the vision can be revealed.

The list keeps increasing; underbrush, trees, and stumps that need removing along with leveling the ground.
As the cutting and burning of the dead forest wood and the trimmings from live trees and, also, the removal of overgrown bushes continue the tasks seem endless.
A constant reminder encourages that all the little things that seem to consume time will eventually be worth it.

The same goes with serving Jesus Christ, there are so many things to learn, so many things to change in our lives, attitude, habits, etc. All we can do is step onto the property and start picking up the dead wood building a fireplace and start the cleanup.

As the property we work on shows improvement we need to rejoice and stay encouraged that we are growing closer to our “God-goals” each and every day!

God has a vision of our better-self. If we just focus on God’s love for us, we begin to see why God loves us so much! Our lives begin to show us making better decisions, prospering, maybe others around us begin to see the difference. That’s when we can say, serving Jesus Christ is worth the investment!