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Ordination Requirements

Ordination requirements to be Legally ordained

  1. Make sure your corporate documents, such as the articles of incorporation, bylaws, and board meeting minutes, contain language stating that your church intends on having or already has a licensing and ordination program. 
  2. Require a certain set of criteria to be met by the applicant, such as classes, on-the-job training, volunteer work at the church, or involvement in the local ministry. Keep a good record of all ministers that are licensed or serving under the apprenticeship of a pastor.
  3. Complete and submit an application for Ordination.
  4. Require an application/exam fee.
  5. Require an exam to be taken and passed with a minimum required score of 80% or better.
  6. Have a background check done.
  7. Establish a formal process of commissioning.
  8. Assign the ordination with an expiration and renewal date.
  9. Require a renewal process by either application or written letter requesting a renewal.
  10. Keep a good record of all ministers that are commissioned, licensed, ordained, active, inactive, and revoked.
  11. Make sure that his/her role as a minister is conveying your church’s message and mission.
  12. Require that the minister maintain a meaningful relationship with the ordaining church by attending conferences or services at least once a year.

Why legal ordination is necessary

The Supreme Court of Virginia made certain that this particular case had nothing to do with religious freedom. Due to the legal nature of marriage, the need for a legally ordained minister is necessary.

So before you go online to get an ordination make sure the ordaining Ministry meets the above requirements to not only be spiritually ordained by legally ordained as well.

Hiding Place ministry is one of those Ministries that meet the spiritual / Legal requirements as stated by law.

US States Licensing Laws to Officiate Marriages

Green States Require Only an Ordination with Hiding Place Ministry and do NOT Require State Registration to officiate marriages.

Orange States Require both an Ordination with Hiding Place Ministry and Require State Registration before officiating marriages. To register please take our ordination package to your county or city courthouse and present the documents to register as a Minister of the Gospel so that you may legally officiate marriages.


Registration is done through the local County Clerk’s offices or State Office.

District of Columbia
New Hampshire
New York
Puerto Rico (You must phone them based on location)
West Virginia

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