Part 3 – Practical Applications for Prayer

Practical Applications for Prayer. This 4-part series will cover aspects of prayer and how the scriptures teach us how we should pray.

With Pastor Ed Peterson

This ends the 4-part series on prayer, we hope you have enjoyed it and now understand how to pray.

The book that Pastor Ed told you about in the video is no longer available, instead here is a book that Pastor Ed would also recommend, called “The Circle Maker” by Pastor Mark Batterson click: Best price on the web 

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National Day of Prayer

Thursday 2/6/21 is the National Day of Prayer

Let us all pray for our Nation

Those in the hospital with Coved and others that are in the hospital as well.

Pray for your State you live in.

Pray for your City.

pray for friends and neighbors

Pray for the lost, that they would come into the light of Jesus Christ

Prayer for Advent and Christmas.

“And the word became flesh and lived among us”
John 1:14.

Our Father God, we praise you in the yearly remembrance of the birth of Jesus, our
Saviour and our Lord.
Help us to celebrate Advent and Christmas time in a way which will bring praise to
you, well being to ourselves and an increase of concern, care, help, and service to
We thank you for your time, for leisure, for a break from our work.
May we find an opportunity for recreation, renewal, and restoration in body, mind and Spirit.
We are glad about the festivities and age-old customs and the gathering of families
and friends.
Help us to avoid excess, to stay safe in our travel, to be patient and tolerant with
each other, lest we hurt ourselves and each other, even in this Season of Goodwill.
We thank you for the joy of giving and receiving greeting cards, letters, gifts and
words of cheer.
Help us to have and to show a spirit of unselfish love to others, even as you, in love
for us, giving yourself in Jesus.
We thank you for clothing and the shelter of homes, for food and drink.
Help us to remember with thanks that all these blessings come from you. Help
us to open our hearts and lives to others, to open our purses and our wallets to
others if we are able to, to open our homes to others if that be possible presently.
Help us to share with others what we have first received from you. Whatever we
share with them, Lord, help us to do it as to you.
We pray for those who are parted from loved one’s by time and distance and
In thought and memory, in prayer and worship, by one way or another, help them
to feel closer to one another.
We pray for those for whom Christmas is a time of sad memories.
Please help those who are bereaved and grieving. Comfort them with the knowledge,
and the strength, that even as Jesus is alive from the dead, even so, their loved ones
are in your keeping. Amen. ✝ David.

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